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PER Music Library - Future Of The Field
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Sesac composer William Lamont Robinson released ambient records under Eastern Department. The records, part of the PER music Library series, showcased Robinson's talent. Each track stands alone, immersing listeners in various soundscapes.

Robinson's ambient records under Eastern Department are minimalist. He crafted captivating melodies and sound layers, offering immersive experiences.

The PER music Library series moved into soundtrack, archive, and library music. Robinson's versatile compositions suits films, commercials, and documentaries. Each track provided a unique auditory experience, evoking emotions. They are crafted for various moods. The series blended ambient, soundtrack, and library music seamlessly.

Capturing tranquility and reflection, Robinson's music offered atmospheric beauty. Each track stood out, inviting listeners to explore and enjoy.

Vinyl Record, Cd-Wallet & Digital Audio

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