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Acklan - Zephyr 76
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The sound is diverse, ranging from experimental hip-hop to jazztronica. The EP showcases Ruha's creativity and skill as a producer and beat-maker. It's an impressive piece of work that demonstrates talent.

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This vinyl record was hand crafted and Individually cut In real time using a 1950s Presto recording lathe It Is a unique plece. It is not the same as a traditional pressed record. It was not made in a factory by massive hydraulic presses It was carved from an 8ft sheet of polycarbonated plastic, shaed, sanded, sanded waxed and cut in real-time by one-person.

Because of the method employed to produce this record It may ave "horns", a term used to describe raised ridges on elther side of the groove If your record sounds Inconsistent or absolutely horrible when you put it on this is because the needle Is riding on the horns between the grooves. Simply tap your needle with your finger to nudge It fully into the groove

All records are tested after cutting and will playback correctly on properly welghted turntables record will not harm your needle. This record will not degrade after multiple Plays. This record will however attract lint so be sure to clean the record and your needle often.

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